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Mom's Tofu Fremont


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Tel: 423.266.1121
Email: sales@goodresto.com

For booking groups of twelve or more, please refer to our functions page



Due to the COVID-19 mandate, we are offering ONLINE TOGO orders. We specialize in Korean Soft Tofu soup and other traditional Korean dishes such as Korean BBQ.

A solid Korean spot that never disappoints! My go-to order is the special combo, where you select from a bbq meat and tofu soup. (Try the galbi (3 strips cut up) + ka u cuppy (curry) tofu soup!) We usually order that plus a side (seafood pancake or naengmyeon!) and that’s plenty of food for 2-3 people. They also have a good selection of banchan and are quick and generous with refills.

They do get busy around dinner time and on weekends for lunch, so I would recommend going a bit earlier if you’re looking to have a quick meal. Service has always been good when I’m there and it really does feel like a family run restaurant, which I like! The free ice cream at the end of the meal is always appreciated as well. — By Alyson A.

Mom’s Tofu really hits the spot.

I mean what beats hot, spicy soup with chunks of soft, flavorful tofu. I personally love it with seafood, but the place offers all meats and a mushroom version…yum! Love the raw egg that you break into the hot soup and let cook. They’re pretty generous, especially with side dishes.

The calamari is awesome, and I love that it comes with a bunch of veggies mixed in. Also, they give you a little scoop of complementary green tea ice cream at the end 🙂 good service, very unique food (at least to a non-Korean like myself) and so perfectly soothing on a cold night!
— By Ruchika M.

Established in 2008, Mom’s Tofu House proudly serves a variety of Korean dishes with a focus on homemade tofu. Cooking has been a passion in our family and our recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. We are so grateful we get to share our cooking with you and hope you can taste Mom’s love in every bowl.


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